Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Swing TaskDialog 1.2 release

I'm glad to announce an availability of TaskDialog version 1.2.
The release includes both enhancements and fixes to several reported issues.  Full list is available in release notes and issue tracker. I want to describe just some of the enhancements.

Task Dialog Builder
The main addition for version 1.2 is a Task Dialog Builder based on a Builder pattern.
The idea is to have maximum flexibility while quickly creating common task dialogs. TaskDialogs class methods are nice but not flexible enough. This is where the Builder comes. Consider the following code

Even though it looks slightly more verbose then simple methods of TaskDialogs class it is infinitely more flexible.

“Input” dialogs
Additional “shortcut” methods to quickly create a simple dialog to enter a value.

produces the following dialog


New “Always Expanded” property
Sometimes a dialog should stay always expanded. This is now supported with the introduction of “AlwaysExpanded” property. It was suggested by carlos.costaesilva, who made a significant contribution to the project by submitting fixes for several issues, suggesting new functionality and providing new example code. Thank you!

 Default keystrokes on Commands
Default keystrokes where introduced on Commands through the CommandTags. This simply means that by default OK command can be executed by pressing Enter key, Cancel Command –Cancel key etc.  Thanks to scanti.rula for pointing that out.

More i18n resources
French, Italian and German resources were added.
The new version is available immediately. As always… Your comments and suggestions are welcome.The project is available at http://code.google.com/p/oxbow under BSD license.

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