Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Project Oxbow has moved to GitHub!

The project is now on the GitHub. I have moved and enhanced all the documentation and currently in a process of moving unresolved issues.

GitHub is clearly a better environment for open source projects and pleasure to work with. My main hope is that this move will increase the rate of contributions, making the project even better.

The Google Code repository is not going anywhere - it will be be around as the archive for the project. I may even upload new artifacts there since a lot of people are used to dowloading from this location.
In my view, both the TaskDialog and the SwingBits are mature projects, being out there for more than a year. Since their ultimate goal is the same, to make Swing UI developement easier, and to simplify their maintenance and release procedures, I've decided to consolidate them into one - SwingBits. This introduces small breaking changes(package names are changing to org.oxbow.swingbits.*), but no API changes, so updgrading should be as straightforward as updating your import statements (some IDEs have that automated)

So SwingBits is now moving towards 1.0 release to signify its maturity.

As always... your comments, suggestions and contributions are welcome.
The project is avalable at under BSD license.

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