Sunday, April 18, 2010

Swinging Task Dialog (part 5)

This morning I uploaded the new release of TaskDialog library 1.0RC. I consider it a release candidate because all features planned for version 1.0 are now implemented. This release adds ability to produce dialogs with command links and many small enhancements and optimizations to the library.

Command Links

This is the last feature I had in my plan for the final release of the library and it proved to be the hardest to accomplish. I spent last 3 weeks working on it and now I think it is ready for general consumption :)
From the API point of view implementing command link based task dialog is very simple.

This produces the following dialog


It is possible to pass the custom icon into command link. By default standard “green arrow” icon is shown. All the text on command link obeys overrall style rules of the dialog and can be expressed in HTML.
Overall look and feel on Windows tries to closely resemble current Windows standard. Mac OS UI guidelines do not specify anything similar to the command links so framework resorts to the use of standard buttons.


I’m planning the final release of TaskDialog 1.0 library in one week if no serious issues will be found.
The project is available at under BSD license. As always ??? comments and suggestions are welcome.


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